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L'Ile Saint Louis
Paris 4th

Ile Saint Louis (bottom) and Ile de la Cité (top)
Stroll along the nice and romantic river banks of the island

Bertillon, Paris' best ice-cream maker

In just a few words :

Centrally located in Paris, the Ile Saint-Louis, one of the most requested areas of Paris, is a short walking distance from many major sites such as Le Louvre, Notre Dame and Saint-Germain-des-Prés. The Seine river is ever present as one walks the small streets or crosses over the many bridges.

Neighborhood description:

Each time you cross the Pont de la Tournelle, "on the way to the continent," as the locals like to say, you'll have a breathtaking view of Notre Dame that will leave you dazzled. The Latin Quarter on the Left Bank, and the Marais on the Right Bank, are just short strolls away. This is truly the heart of Paris!

In the heart of Paris and near the Ile de la Cité, the small Ile Saint-Louis is one of the loveliest districts of Paris: nice and romantic river banks, 18th century houses, village like life. The whole island almost retains its 18th century outlook. Recently, the Ile Saint-Louis has become very fashionable and expensive. Former French president Georges Pompidou lived there.

A morning walk from the Ile Saint-Louis toNotre-Dame through the garden at the back of Notre-Dame is a true delight. The island is best accessed from the Ile de la Cité on foot. The closest metro station to the Ile Saint-Louis is Saint-Paul (10 minutes walk).

At just the right moment in the afternoon or early evening the sun hits the Quai de Bourbon and the Pont Marie and you're left breathless on the sidewalk. Stop a few meters further along on the Quai d'Anjou in front of the Hôtel de Lauzon and marvel at the gilded balconies constructed by the same architectural team that built Vaux-le-Vicomte.

Whether it's specialty food shops that entice you to forget your diet, fantastic views of the Seine, or the refined architecture Île Saint-Louis has everything you will want to see that is typically Parisian.

Rue Saint-Louis-en-l'Île, which runs the length of Île Saint-Louis, is full of fabulous shops, one more tempting than the next.

Look for Bertillon, the best French ice-cream maker, at 31, rue Saint-Louis en l'Ile. This always crowded shop is a nice stop a few hundreds meters away from Notre-Dame. This glacier is reputed to have Paris' most delicious ice cream. While the fruit flavours are justifiably renowned, the chocolate, coffee, marrons glacés (candied chestnuts), Agenaise (Armagnac and prunes) and nougat au miel (honey nougat) are much richer. The takeaway counter opens 10am to 8pm, Wednesday to Sunday.

Along rue Saint Louis en l'Île there are a number of fromageries and groceries (usually closed on Sunday afternoon and Monday). There are more food shops on rue des Deux Ponts.

L'Ile Saint-Louis, remains for many visitors the ultimate destination, Paris at its best: colourful food, shops and eating places, boutiques in impeccable taste, and romantic river banks just minutes from Notre-Dame.

Within walking distance:

- Notre Dame (5-10 mn on foot!)
- Latin Quarter
- St Germain des Prés
- Hotel de Ville
- Louvre Museum

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Rue Saint Louis en l'Isle

Open air Markets :

- Marché Maubert (across the Pont de la Tournelle toward the Boulevard Saint Germain)
Place Maubert.
Tuesday, Thursday, form 7.00 am to 2.30 pm
Saturday from 7.00 am to 3.00 pm
Metro : Maubert-Mutualité

- Marché Baudoyer (Pont Louis-Philippe toward Rue de Rivoli)
Place Baudoyer
Wednesday from 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm,

Saturday from 7.00 am to 3.00 pm
Metro : Hôtel-de-Ville

The sister island: l'Ile de la Cité

Experience the many shops of the Island as a Parisian
Good to know before you go


Shops everywhere take all the major credit cards: Visa, EuroCard, MasterCard, American Express. At each transaction, the sales person must give you a receipt which you should keep safely. Only cheques drawn on French banks will be accepted and generally proof of identity is requested. You can also pay in euros of course, although it is best to avoid the larger denomination banknotes.

Museum opening times:

As a rule, museums are open from 9 or 10am until 5 or 6pm. Others open later and close at 8 or 9pm. Closing day is most usually Monday or Tuesday, with a few exceptions. Some are even open 7 days a week, such as some of the major monuments which can even be visited as late as 11pm or midnight.
Don't forget too that on public holidays many museums and monuments are closed. It's a good idea to check beforehand.


In France all prices include service and taxes, with approximately 15% of the price corresponding to the service. However, if the waiter or waitress has been especially attentive, you can leave him or her a tip to show your appreciation. Around 5 to 10% of the bill is usual.

Events in Paris:

There are 3 specialist magazines that relay the full list of what's on in Paris in French. They are on sale every Wednesday in all newspaper kiosks and newsagents': Pariscope , L'Officiel des spectacles and Zurban . For English-speakers, try Time Out .

The Quai d'Orléans

Ile St Louis (right) and Notre Dame (center)

Le Marais
Ile Saint Louis
Latin Quarter
St-Germain des Prés

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